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Room N

Use: Apartment
Total floor area: 63.95㎡
Number of floors: 4th floor
Structure: RC 11-story building

It is a renovation plan for a large condominium in a commercial area that is a 6-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station, where both commercial and residential properties are mixed.

First, there was a request to create three rooms to expand the range of borrowers, and in order to improve the dimness of the entrance and kitchen that I felt on site. so I newly placed two curved walls here.

One removes the walls of the existing kitchen room and opens the kitchen into the living room, the other directs the line of sight from the entrance.

In addition, the two walls form a living room with a constricted center, drawing a curve connecting the front and back.

This gourd-necked living room creates multiple locations without leaving, and the 3L LDK features two living rooms, DINKS and SOHO. Living room with a spirit of accepting diverse lifestyles.




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